Oh what a night!


Thanks for everyone who came out to #baumyr! It was truly an inspirational night, and we were all impressed with the awesome people who attended.  Check out the recap here.  Missed it? You can catch the tail end of the talk on The Digitel. Want to keep it going? Join the conversation and start hanging out at Cowork MYR!  A lot of really great things are happening for startups and creatives and MYR, and we assure you that you want to have a hand in it.

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Our DJ Travels in Style

Just to give you an idea of what we mean by creative collaboration, we want to talk about our DJ. Big believers of Cradle to Cradle Design, the founders of DomeCandy found success in the unusual when they launched their products: Vintage suitcases recycled into portable boomboxes (right here in North MB).  Check out their lab.


We are going to be bumpin’ some luggage on December 5th.  Will you be there? Read below for more information, then visit http://www.businessasunusualmyr.eventbrite.com for tickets!

What to Expect at Business as Unusual

Upon arrival, you will be asked to hand make a nifty name tag that does not include your name.  (Hint: Start thinking of ways to describe yourself without words on a 3×3!)
Now is your time to walk about the space and explore all of the startups that have been collaborating on this event! Artwork, interesting products, items, and puzzles will be placed throughout the space to provide for deeper learning and talking points with other guests.  They might require some collaboration!
Enjoy some light and delicious cuisine (the AH-mazing menu is here) as you take a seat.  Meagan Nowacoski will welcome everyone, and talk briefly about her experience with Business as Unusual, and having a creative community in Myrtle Beach.
Other local startups will be given the floor to quickly share the story of their business’ life in Myrtle Beach.  (Contact Meagan Nowacoski or Cowork MYR if you want to get in on this!)
Seek out those people that you found interesting!  Share with others about your upcoming projects!  Learn about how you can help each other succeed.  Laugh and make new friends. That is what it is all about!
You won’t want to, but we will have to ask you to leave at this point.  Make sure that you reach out to the new people that you have met to continue the conversations! We think that you will be very surprised to meet so many other awesome people who are right here in Myrtle Beach!
Get your tickets at www.businessasunusualmyr.eventbrite.com.  All proceeds will benefit Abiding Village!

Food for Thought!

A fresh, new option for exquisite catering has just popped up in Myrtle beach.  Chef Robert J. Ziehr  is a Myrtle Beach local with extensive training in the culinary arts.  He has decided to start using his talents for customized orders.  We love it!  Check him out on Facebook, and check out our menu for December 5th.  Foodie’s be warned: You will be drooling by the bottom of this list!

Business as Unusual Menu

Fire and Ice Ahi Tuna and Calamari Ceviche on Lotus Crisp/Scallion/Coconut Milk/Lime/Chili Oil

Aji Amarillo Shrimp Cocktail/Jalapeno Escabeche

Focaccia Crostini with Goat Cheese and Marinated Piquillo Pepper/Prosciutto

Seared Scallop on Candied Sweet Potato with Fig Onion Jam

Sesame Mole Chicken Lollipop

Truffled 10 year Cheddar Wisconsin Mac and Cheese on Bacon Crisps

Braised Beef Focaccia Sliders/Spiced Pickles/Bleu Crème Fraiche

Don’t forget to read below for more info about the event, and get your tickets at www.businessasunusualmyr.eventbrite.com!  All proceeds benefit Abiding Village!

Why are connection events important?

Why do events like TEDTalks, Creative Mornings, SXSW, or THIS ONE occur?  Here are a few reasons why they are essential to your everyday work.

1. Learning is deeper through experience

Sure, you can read about interesting people and ideas, but real growth takes place with hands on learning.  Reading about an innovative product is not the same as picking it up, turning it around, and talking to it’s creator.  Learning from a person is also much easier when the environment fosters such a community.  When it could normally seem awkward to reach out to someone and ask them a million questions about what they are doing, these events are tailored specifically for that.

2. Relationships are Currency

We don’t mean that you can put a dollar value on a relationship.  This simply means that goals are accomplished much more successfully when there is a group of caring individuals involved to offer advice, resources, and support. Christopher Wink explains this in his recent article:

“There aren’t a lot of acts in this world that have real value, but I believe introducing two people (or organizations) who become friends or do great work or have impact together is something communities too often undervalue.”

3. Sharing is inspirational

A story can most definitely inspire a listener, but it can also inspire the teller!  When a person tell’s the story of their work, it keeps them in tune with what is in the next chapter.  It catalyzes action toward their next goal, and holds them accountable to follow through on their promises.

4. Collaboration is exponentially beneficial

A single idea is great, but when that idea has been thrashed about by several like minded individuals, it is even more likely to succeed.  One key component to this is different points of view.  Another is that with more people comes a wider network of resources that an idea might need to start.

5. The Unusual is Refreshing

Beautiful things come from stepping out of the ordinary.  Embracing the new and exciting will lead you to all sorts of interesting people and projects.  No matter what your profession, this is a great opportunity to learn about something different!

Definition of Business as Unusual

Business as Unusual is an upcoming event that is attempting to connect people that will establish a creative/startup community. Something that a lot of local entrepreneurs have expressed is that it is tempting to leave Myrtle Beach, because there is not much here to catalyze their creative insight, or even appreciate that they are attempting to make a difference by following their passion. So we are activating this event to attract these people so that they can collaborate on their ideas and help each other! It is also a fundraiser for Abiding Village, because their business model fits the desired description of a forward thinking organization that empowers others to own their work.  We are going to have some innovative startups contributing, while we are sharing ideas and stories, and enjoying fine catering, visuals, and music.  Meagan Nowacoski, a CCU student and young entrepreneur, is going to briefly give her thoughts about how the unusual thrives in business. YOUR business could possibly also have the opportunity to take the floor for a few minutes to share your story with a captive audience!

Read below for more info, or get your tickets at www.businessasunusualmyr.eventbrite.com!